Badung Digs

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Badung Digs

Sebastian Siahaan

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Jalan Kedampang Raya, Kerobokan, Badung

Email: badung.digs[at]
Instagram: @Badung.Digs
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Genre Koleksi Musik: Old and new jazz, disco, funk and house

Format: CD, cassettes dan vinyl records

BADUNG DIGS is a small, well stocked independent record store in Bali. Buying & selling both new & used CDs, cassettes and vinyl across all genre.

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This collection of new works for the Balinese gamelan Saron Luang performed by Sanggar Alit Semara Dahana (est. 2013) of Desa Ubung Kaja emerges from one of the many junctures at which longstanding gamelan traditions meet new creativity. Composer I Ketut Sujena skillfully navigates this crossroads by exploring new sonic and symbolic territory without abandoning performance styles recognizably derivative of the Saron Luang repertoire, which provide much of the foundation upon which subtle and more creative departures rest. The hauntingly beautiful vocals in kidung style composed by A.A. Ngurah Oka that float above these textures point to Saron Luang’s ritual associations, while choreographies by A.A. Ngurah Bagus Supartama that were inspired by ritual rejang dances point to the religious undertones permeating much creativity on Bali today. . #BDpicks #BadungDigs . #strictlyvinyl #recordstore #recordstoreday #recordstoredayindonesia #recordstoredaybali

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